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Musical Ambition

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LGBTQ+ or bust

A local Surrey choir specially for LGBTQ+ people and our friends

Join the choir today!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Time to release your inner Beyoncé - and do it with fun!

Join the choir today!

Let us help you find your voice in our 100% inclusive choir right here in Surrey!


• Who can Join?

Any person, LGBTQ+ or otherwise, over 18 years of age who wants to find their voice and have loads of fun in the process!

• Must I be able to read music?

Heavens, no! We don't really mind whether you can read music or not, as long as you just want to have fun in a non-judgemental and enjoyable environment, then this is for you! We do hand out sheet music at rehearsal, so if you can read music, great, but if not, we will teach you the voice parts.

• How much does it cost

Membership of Surrey Rainbow Choir costs just £25 per month. if you are unable to afford the membership fees, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

• What sort of songs do we sing?

Literally anything with the exception of classical and religious music. So don't be surprised to find yourself singing some George Michael one week, followed by some Katy Perry the next, some Ed Sheeran the week after with some Tina Turner, The Supremes, ABBA and Marilyn Monroe thrown in for good measure!

• Where and when we rehearse

We rehearse every Tuesday evening in Guildford from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in Holy Trinity Church, on High Street Guildford - a quick easy walk from Guildford Station and very accessible as well.  Map Here

During rehearsal there will also be a short tea-break, not only to give our voices a little rest, but a chance to socialise, get to know each other and of course, to consume a biscuit or three!

Our Ethos

Membership of our Rainbow Choir is open to any LGBTQ+ person regardless of race, religion, creed, belief or musical ability.

Joining the choir will not only ignite your own life with passion through the joy of music, but you will also be helping to make a big difference in the community.

Hang on, why a LGBTQ+ choir?
The LGBTQ choral movement started small and, like all change, local. The modern LGBTQ choral movement began in Philadelphia in North America, with the birth of Anna Crusis Women’s Choir in 1975. San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus began soon after.

A similar movement gradually formed in Europe, with the foundation of, for example, the London Gay Men’s Chorus in 1991 and Paris’s Melomen in 1994.

LGBTQ people have been excluded from the mainstream throughout history, and have fought since the late 1960s for the fundamental human rights to be visible, to love, to marry, to be protected under the law. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that the inclusion and sense of community that singers of all backgrounds feel in a choral group is something especially important to LGBTQ+ singers. Choral groups, it turns out, have a unique function in the LGBTQ+ community, as a safe space and a place of deep belonging.

If you asked singers LGBTQ choruses why they sing, 70%–80% would say “because these are my friends” or “this is my chosen family.”

Now for the first time in Surrey, LGBTQ+ poeple can feel free to belong and sing out in a safe space and all the while doing it to also help our own community with the funds we raise at our concerts.

(quotes from Charles Beale as written in the Oxford Handbook of Choral Pedagogy)

What's on

Our choirs sang up a storm in Woking Park
at Pride in Surrey 

“Having the support of Surrey Music means the world to me and the Pride in Surrey team. When I heard that a rainbow choir was on the cards it demonstrated that Cliff understood the importance of celebrating diversity and inclusion that also provides a safe space where someone can sing their heart out and be whoever they want to be.”
“For several years I have wanted to form an LGBTQ+ choir here in Surrey, and as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall last year, coupled with the first ever Pride in Surrey event that took place in August 2019, I felt that there was never going to be a better time!. - so we did it!”

Our fully accessible rehearsal venue

Holy Trinity Church, High Street, Guildford, GU1 3RR